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Sweet Tarts

By Randee Dawn. Article taken from “Soap Opera Digest” DTD: 08 AUG 2000
OLTL’s Charissa Cree Chamorro & Erika Page are Two Good Gals Who Have a Ball Playing Bad

ONE LIFE TO LIVE’s Roseanne (Erika Page) has spent two years complicating life and love for childhood crush Cristian, while Sophia (Charissa Cree Chamorro) has spent the last year clawing her way up the social ladder. Recently, the two linked up with Antonio (Roseanne’s bro-in-law and Sophia’s police partner) – a triangle that promises fireworks and maybe even a catfight before all is said and done. Digest pacified the actresses over lunchtime shrimp and oysters and delved into why being so bad can sometimes feel really good.

DIGEST: Are Sophia & Roseanne bad girls?

ERIKA PAGE: Roseanne has had a past where she’s hurt people who got in her way. She’s not going to turn into a good girl, but these days she’s turning into a nicer person.

CHARISSA CREE CHAMORRO: Both Sophia and Roseanne are justifiable bad. They’re also considered to be sexy characters, and there’s something about a woman who is very sexual that reads a bad girl.

PAGE: Right. And we don’t look like the average girl next door. I deal with that in real society all the time. We look like we’re up to something.

CHAMORRO: You definitely have a smoky look, but you’re engaged – and you’re not a party girl. People think with me that in real life I’m such a bad girl because of the way I look, because I have darker features. Sophia is the tamest, most virginal slue you ever did see! She had sex once with Joey, and that’s it. Roseanne has only ever had sex with Cristian, whom she loves. And yet we’re the sluts of the show!

DIGEST: Because you’re good gals deep inside, is it a release to play opposites?

PAGE: It’s fun getting to play the bitch, but lately Roseanne’s been shaping up, so it’s been fun to play both, not just the bad girl all the time.

CHAMORRO: I love playing the evil stuff. I have a blast when Sophia was videotaping Kevin and Kelly locked in the warehouse. I put so much thought into that, choreographing my lollipop.

DIGEST: Was Sophia’s lollipop indulgence your idea?

CHAMORRO: That’s my signature. Sophia really likes lollipops.

DIGEST: That’s about as lascivious as ABC/Disney will let you get, eh?

CHAMORRO: [laughs] During the rehearsal I didn’t have a lollipop, and I had to run over to the Disney Store, and all they had were Mickey Mouse lollipops. I had to bite the ears off so you couldn’t see it was Mickey Mouse. I love playing that kind of stuff. Sophia will never be cookie-cutter All-American goody two-shoes. She’s a little too streetwise.

DIGEST: Is it fun playing the Sophia/Roseanne friendship?

CHAMORRO: It’s such a breath of fresh air because you so rarely see friendships on soaps. These two young girls have no friends, they’re both very driven, but they don’t have a lot of money…

PAGE: Well, Roseanne does now.

CHAMORRO: They don’t have any family, and they both have this ornery streak, but they both know how to have a good time. They’re friends. It makes total sense to me.

PAGE: Wait until we team up and get back at somebody. That would be awesome. We would be frightening.

CHAMORRO: We can definitely kick anybody’s ass.

DIGEST: If Sophia and Roseanne lock horns over Antonio and have to duke it out, who would win?

CHAMORRO: I’m becoming a cop, so I’d have firearms. But Roseanne has long fingernails.

PAGE: I have pretty good sexuality going on.

DIGEST: With Sophia?

CHAMORRO: That’s a whole other article. That’s a different magazine.

PAGE: [laughs] No, I mean toward Antonio. That’s my power over him.

DIGEST: Have either of you ever done something truly bad?

CHAMORRO: There have been people I have wanted to [murder] – ex-boyfriends – but no, not really.

PAGE: It’s bad karma.

CHAMORRO: It is. That’s what keeps me from doing it. You have to be a good person and trust that in the way of the world, bad people will get theirs in the end.

PAGE: My mom always taught me that you don’t seek revenge. She’s always like, “You’ll be the better person if you go above that.”

CHAMORRO: MY mom watches way too much OPRAH, but she says, “Embrace your anger, and when you stop fighting that bad energy in your life, then you will be powered forward”. That fully works. Saying that, I know I’ve done something truly, but I can’t think of it. I’ve lied to my parents, but while my brother snuck out of the house all the time, it would never cross my mind to do that.

DIGEST: Do men prefer bad girls?

CHAMORRO: [laughs] They might be attracted to them, but I don’t necessarily think they want to marry them.

PAGE: They might like the naughty girl, but she doesn’t have to bad.

CHAMORRO: I always found that guys expect you to be really bag – and then when they find out you’re not, they don’t’ know how to take you.

PAGE: They always think I’m in the business, so obviously I party every night. And I’m like, My mom and Bryan [White, her fiancée] freak out if they can’t get hold of me every night, I’m so…

CHAMORRO: Predictable.

DIGEST: Can men get away with doing more bad things than women?

CHAMORRO: Definitely. In our medium, you don’t see it as much, because I think the bad girl stereotypes are so much bigger. Max gets away with frickin’ murder! He’s living with two women at the same time, and you don’t even consider him bad! Both of us have slept with one guy on the show and we’re bad girls.

PAGE: [Men] definitely get away with more.

CHAMORRO: But we’re working on it!