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Article taken from “Soap Opera Digest” DTD: 29 AUG 2000
Charissa Cree Chamorro (Sophia Pelligrino)

Wanderlust Fulfilled:
Donny [Jeffcoat] and I were asked to do this E! show, SEARCH PARTY, which aired in July, and they sent us down to this resort right outside of Old San Juan.


The resort was like its own little country. The view from my hotel was gorgeous: white sands, crystal-clear water. I had great fajitas, lobster and torilla chips to eat. I've always said I'm a very metropolitan girl, but I'll make an exception for the Caribbean. The first day and a half I had totally to myself - I went to a private island and laid out with SPF 45 under an umbrella, 'cause I'm a vampire and can't tan at all. Then for three days the show taped us running around convincing people to do crazy things - obstacle courses, things like that. At night I'd take a nap, get up, have dinner, a glass of wine and go to sleep. Donny was teasing me; he was like "We'll go there and party with the locals!" And I was totally into that, but then I realized I can do that any night in New York! I'm never in a place where I just want to relax. I was content to do nothing!