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Charrisa Snipets
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Here's an old Charissa snippet from SOD.... "There's Something About Mary"

Okay, you try saying Charissa Cree Chamorro three times fast. Linda Dano (Rae) gave up shortly after her character took wayward waitress Sophia under her wing as her assistant.

"Names are a little tough for me," laughs Dano. "OLTL's a new place for me, and learning a whole new batch of names is hard. Charista? Charissa? So, I said, 'Why can't you have a name like Mary or Joan or Susan?'. So now I call her Mary, and she's accepted that I call her Mary!

SOD Asks: What item of make-up is always in your purse?
Charissa Answers: "Kiehl's Red Raspberry lip balm. It's so glossy, it makes your lips look wet!"

"Friends Forever" from SID.

Fall is in the air, inspiring Charissa Chamorro (Sophia) to wax nostalgic about her college days. Chamorro, a 1998 graduate of Boston University's competitive theater program, says the experience provided her with not only wonderful training, but also lifelong friendships. "My four best friends from school live only blocks away from me in New York," she says. "They're my family." Chamorro attributes the strong bond to four years of intense interaction.

"We spent 24 hours a day together -- we had classes together, and lived together," she says. "Now we know everything about each other!"

"Stop the Insanity" from SID

Ask Charissa Chamorro (Sophia) her take on the perpetual thinning of Hollywood actresses, and she makes no bones about her point of view. "I think it's absolutely frightening," says Chamorro, who eats a healthy diet and refuses to obsess about exercise. Still, she can certainly understand why some women performers fall victim to the pressure to be skinny.

"I'm not going to name names, but [the ones who] look like they're going to break in two are the ones who get the work," she says. "The thinner those actresses get, the more others feel that they have to be like that in order to get a job." Chamorro explains that the trend is especially dangerous for young girls. "It just breaks my heart to see 12-year olds who look like sticks because of what they see [in the media]." The problem may go away, she thinks, but not without a tragedy first.

"It's going to take a major star having a heart attack for the media to wake up and quit pushing women to be as thin as they are. There is no way they can continue to live like that."

Style File from SOW.

Question: What do you never leave home without?
Charissa Chamorro: Money!"

Style File from SOW.
Question: What household chore are you worst at?
Charissa Chamorro: "Cleaning the kitchen floor. My mom was always really clean, so I have to do the same thing. You can't just mop; you have to take a rag and get in the corners. I hate any kind of cleaning that takes rags. Vacuuming, picking up, that's fine. But I hate cleaning."

Style File from SOW.
Question: What's the best gift you've ever received?
Charissa Chamorro: This leather and cloth jacket that I loved. There was a time when we were a little bit tight on money, and there was this jacket that my mom had. I was always trying to get her to give it to me, and she wouldn't. I was like, 'Mom, it looks better on me'. One year, she fixed it all up and spent hours getting it back in perfect condition. She gave it to me for my birthday. There's a lot of sentimental value, because she put so much time into restoring it. She loved it, but she gave it to me."