Sophia's Biography

Photo by DimWitt & Starrstruck. Do Not Use Without Permission.

Not much is known about our favorite waif’s early years. Sophia had a brother Freddie who teased her mercilessly as a kid. Last we heard Sophia’s mother was unemployed in a home and Sophia was sending her money (but that was when Sophia first came on the show and was really devious) so who knows just how true that is.

Sophia was working as a waitress at Crossroads. (Ben Davidson tended bar there) It was a dead end job and soon Sophia found better things to do. Like blackmail and swindle.

Sophia put two and two together and figured out “Blondie” was Victoria Carpenter. She gave Dorian the information and Dorian became her reluctant partner in crime. Sophia moved into Dorian’s house and was immediately jealous of Kelly. Needless to say Kelly and Sophia still aren’t friends to this day.

Sophia had a habit of “eavesdropping” and Dorian, while having a dream, let it slip she had been the one to hit Jessica. Sophia blackmailed Dorian into hiring her as her personal assistant. RJ found out and warned Sophia not to bust out Dorian. Dorian had nothing to fear from Sophia – when the truth came out it wasn’t from Sophia – Dorian confessed in court. After Dorian confessed, Sophia had nothing to hold over Dorian so Kelly kicked her out of the house.

When Sophia isn’t shacked at the fancy “Palace” she usually stays at the woman’s shelter run by Rev. Carpenter which was were she was staying when she ran into Rae Cummings one day at Carlotta’s diner. Rae gave Sophia a job as her assistant. See, Rae wrote an advice column at the Banner. Sophia helped to open letters.

Did we mention Sophia had a one night stand with Joey Buchanan? Joey must have been good ‘cos Sophia’s next endeavor was to “woo” Joey away from Kelly. Needless to say, it didn’t work. Joey ended up hating Sophia. And to make matters worse, Sophia got rapist, Brian Harris, to help her out. He was supposed to “woo” Kelly. All he did was lock Sophia in a closet for a few weeks.

Finally Rae and Det. Sykes found Sophia in the Brian’s closet and let her out. Sophia hung out for a while and thought she’d try her luck making a video. Sykes set her straight – that was a porno video. Sophia decided not to do that.

Sykes realized Sophia needed a job and hooked her up with a job dispatching for the Llanview PD. Sophia isn’t the world’s most diligent dispatcher but she gets the job done.

One day Sophia’s brother, Freddie, showed up in town and got arrested for holding up Carlotta’s dinner. Sophia saw her brother Freddie at the station. Freddie asked for Sophia’s help and she turned him down. Freddie got shipped off to jail.

On New Year’s Eve, Sophia found herself locked on a rooftop with Joey Buchanan. They made up and became friends. However, Sophia soon found that that Kelly had “strong feelings” for Joey’s brother, Kevin. She told Joey Kelly had the hots for Kevin but Joey didn’t believe her and told Sophia to get lost. Sophia went about trying to prove it to Joey and acquired some surveillance equipment from the PD. Sophia then used the equipment and videotaped Kelly & Kevin in the act. However something overcame Sophia and she turned the videotape over to Kevin, not wanting to hurt Joey.

When Sophia found out her brother Freddie died in jail, she finally broke down in the girl’s room and cried. After a good cry (and Sykes constant nagging) Sophia put in her application to the police academy. Recently, she’s just been accepted.

Sophia made it through the Police Academy and was partnered up with Antonio Vega. Sophia developed the "Hots" for Antonio and tried to seduce him by taking a shower at his apartment but Antonio let Sophia down easily. Sophia was injured on the job trying to protect Kelly Cramer and was taken to a clinic in the midwest to heal from her injuries.