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“Yeah,” said Sophia full of attitude, “Which one is my real mom?”
Rae took a step forward.
Dorian took a deep breath.
Larry bit his lip, “According to the tests, Rae Cummings is your mother, Sophia.”


Llanview General…

Sophia turned around and faced Rae. She was scared and nervous and she tightly squeezed Dorian’s hand.

Dorian tried to hide the hurt and disappointment she was feeling. She really wanted to be Sophia’s mother. More than anything – she had wanted this and it had been denied to her. She held back her tears. She had to be strong. She couldn’t show Rae Cummings her tears of sadness.

Rae said nothing, wrapping her arms around herself as she stared back at Sophia – studying her. Unsure if she should make the first gesture toward Sophia. She was nervous, yet excited as well…to find her daughter.

Sophia studied Rae’s face. Sophia liked Rae but she wasn’t close to her as she was with Dorian. And a part of her didn’t want a mother because she was so scared of screwing it up…again.

“So…now what?” asked Sophia finally.

“Ummm…whatever you want Sophia,” said Rae hesitantly.

“Okay…” said Sophia wrinkling her brow in confusion.

“You can come stay with me. I was looking at cottages near Llanfair…” started Rae trying hard to break the tension.

“You know, I’ll leave. I’m just going to take Larry and we’ll leave and give you two your privacy,” said Dorian. Her voice was strong but her body language told everyone in the room it was just a front. She broke Sophia’s grip and reached out for Larry. Larry said nothing as he gently placed a hand on Dorian’s back.

“Dorian!” said Sophia, her voice shaking, “Look, Rae, Dorian’s my friend and I’m comfortable at the mansion. You know, I’m going to stay there okay.”

“Sure, okay…” said Rae a bit hurt, “I don’t want to push.”

“Sophia…that’s sweet. Thank you but right now I need to leave and give you some time with your mother…” her voice cracked and without pausing she left with Larry.

Sophia and Rae were alone.

“So you won’t live with me…how about dinner at the palace for starters? We have to start somewhere Sophia,” said Rae taking a shaky step toward Sophia.

“Yeah. We gotta’ start somewhere. So when’s dinner?” asked Sophia.

“It’s late, isn’t it? How about breakfast tomorrow morning instead?” asked Rae feeling a bit more relaxed.

“Okay,” said Sophia. She paused, “Look, Rae…does this mean I can hang up my Nirvana poster at the Banner?”

Rae gave Sophia a light grin, “No, Sophia, you can’t. Look, I just want you to come as you are.”

“Yeah sure. But that includes Kurt Cobain and Nirvana. And Garbage. And Hole…” said Sophia lightly, “Dorian likes Hole but doesn’t want to admit it.”

“Okay. Whatever. I’ll pick you up tomorrow and we’ll do breakfast and we’ll go to work after that…” said Rae.

“Yeah. Okay,” said Sophia.

Rae turned around and reached for the door.

“Hey Rae. Waitaminute. I mean, if you want, I’ll go with you to check out those cottages…” volunteered Sophia.

“I’d like that. See you tomorrow. I’ll come by at nine,” said Rae. She walked out.

Sophia stood there looking at the door alone.


Llanview Police Department…

John Sykes walked up from the detention center after dealing with Freddie Pelligrino. He couldn’t help but think that Freddie was such a punk. He walked up to his desk and grabbed a file.

“Hey Detective…the Commish is in his office and he’s in a foul mood…” said a uniform cop.

“Freddie does that to people…” said Sykes.

Just then, Simon Buchanan stormed into the squad room, made his way directly to the commissioner’s office and flung open the door. The squad room looked mildly amused. He was either a brave man or a fool.

Bo flung up from behind his desk and both men stared at each other. Simon’s eyes betrayed his fury while Bo’s displayed shock.

“What is this horse shit?!” spat Simon, flaring his dark coat behind him.

“You know?” muttered Bo crossing his arms staring down Simon.

“Is it true? Your mah father? Mah biological father?!” flared Simon full of passion.

“I don’t know Simon. But it could be true. I did have…an affair with your mother all those years ago,” confirmed Bo.

“Oh God,” muttered Simon, “Why?”

“We were two young kids and I was getting ready to go to Vietnam. We thought we’d never see each other and for all intense purposes, we didn’t. When I got back, your mother had married Asa’s brother and you were a newborn,” explained Bo.

Simon hung his head in disgust.

“Look, Simon,” said Bo walking toward the young man.

Simon raised his head and backed away, “So mah cousin is really mah father?! What kind of FREAKY family do ah have?” he paused.

“Simon, it’s possible. I don’t know for sure,” said Bo firmly.

“Does Unca’ Asa know?” asked Simon.

“He knows I had an affair with your mother,” said Bo, “Look, Simon…it doesn’t have to be like this. I know you’re hurt and upset…”

“Yeah. Ah’m upset. Ah love the man who raised me. This…is appalling to me!!” spat Simon.

“Look Simon,” said Bo raising his voice, “I might not be your father.”

“But you might be. You just might be…” hissed Simon, “I need some time alone. Some time to think.”

He walked out of Bo’s office causing the same commotion he did when he entered, drawing it’s prying eyes and undivided attention.

Simon was upset at the thought of being more closely related to the Buchanans than he thought. He was upset about the lies – the duplicity. But he liked Bo. And his Uncle. He was confused and he wanted a bottom line answer. Was he or wasn’t he?

He got into his car and drove off. He was new to Llanview and didn’t know too many places to go so he drove down to the docks looking to be alone and make some sense out of the chaos that had erupted around him.

John Sykes walked towards Bo’s door to find out if he needed an ear when Rae Cummings walked in and approached him.

“John!” she cried.

“Rae. You’re shaking like a leaf…” said Sykes concerned for his friend.

“I know. Guess what? It’s true. Sophia is my daughter…” said Rae finally allowing her voice to show how excited she was about the news.

Sykes appeared mildly surprised, “I know…you must be feeling…”

“Detective!” came a voice. A uniform cop walked up to Sykes, “Pelligrino’s really starting to get on my nerves. He’s down there raking his shoe against the bars demanding to see his sister or his sister’s mother.”

“Pelligrino?” questioned Rae.

“Oh. Didn’t you know?” responded Sykes, “Sophia has a brother. A two-bit punk named Freddie.”

Rae appeared shocked, “I wasn’t…aware. Should I talk to him?”

“You’re kidding me right?” asked Sykes, “Of course you shouldn’t.”

Rae made face, “Maybe I should. I am Sophia’s mother.”

“You don’t owe Freddie Pelligrino a thing. You’re not HIS mother,” asserted Sykes.

“Maybe I owe it to my daughter to do the right thing,” said Rae, “Now take me to him now.”

Sykes just frowned, worried for his friend.


The docks…

Sophia zipped up her leather jacket snug around her body. She was proud of it, after saving for close to a year as she bounced from one odd job to another to afford it.

It was getting chilly and she didn’t feel right going to Dorian’s immediately. She knew it wasn’t safe to be down here alone but it didn’t matter. She needed to think.

She knew Dorian was disappointed with the news. She wanted to keep Dorian company but thought Dorian might need some alone time to herself. No matter what, Sophia knew Dorian would always be her friend and they would be close.

Sophia sniffled and wiped her nose on her sleeve. A fog rolled in but Sophia kept walking.

As for Rae, well, she had to start someplace with Rae, didn’t she? She didn’t hate Rae but she had been upset with Rae…before…when Rae failed to notice she was missing, held as Brian the Rapist’s hostage. Rae and her did make a good team at the Banner, Sophia had to admit that.

She looked up and detected a figure coming toward her though the fog. She paused but before she could act, he seemed to step away out of the fog. He more a long, black men’s overcoat and he looked profoundly sad.

“Simon?” she whispered.

He looked up into her eyes.


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