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She looked up and detected a figure coming toward her though the fog. She paused but before she could act, he seemed to step away out of the fog. He more a long, black men’s overcoat and he looked profoundly sad.
“Simon?” she whispered.
He looked up into her eyes.


The Docks…

“Sophia,” Simon whispered.

Her eyes studied him. She was unsure what to do or say around him. She only knew she wanted to reach out to him – to comfort him and hold him, only she was afraid – afraid to cross anymore lines with him. Simon left his hands in his pockets.

“You shouldn’t be down here Sophia,” he said.

“Neither should you. There’s all kinds of creeps down here,” she said nervously.

“I wanted to be alone,” said Simon.

Sophia shoved her hands deeper into her pockets, “So did I.”

“Well, you know why Ah’m down here. Why do you want to be alone?” asked Simon adjusting his overcoat’s collar.

“Well, I just found out who my mother is and I just wanted…to be alone I guess,” she said honestly.

Simon heard her but he was preoccupied with his own problems. It grew quiet. Finally, he spoke.

“Sophia, answer me something. How did you know…about Bo?” he asked. He realized he didn’t want her to go. Her presence… soothed him.

“My brother, Freddie, told me…” said Sophia firmly. She couldn’t help but feel safe with Simon.

“Ah didn’t know you had a brother,” he said.

“Yeah, well, that’s me – I’m a regular chick of mystery…” she said lightly.

It grew silent between them. Sophia looked away, down at the ground and finally, screwing up her courage, looked up into his eyes.

“Ah’m not mad at you Sophia. You’ve been nothing but honest with me which Ah appreciate. Ah’ve got a lot of decisions to make tonight…” he said, not breaking eye contact with her and putting those decisions on hold while he was in her presence.

“So have I,” she said.

“Ah didn’t ask. Who is she, Sophia? Who’s yourah mother?” he questioned stepping up into her personal space.

“Rae Cummings,” answered Sophia.

Simon held up his hand. It shook. More out of nervousness than anything. He placed his hand on her face cupping her delicate cheek.

She moaned.

He walked into her and kissed her, leaving her breathless.

“Ah really don’t want to be alone anymore Sophia. Ah’m sad and ah’m confused and ah’m lonely…come home with me…” he said softly but sincerely.

She nodded her head. She didn’t want to be alone either. She walked off with him through the fog.


Llanview Police Station…

Rae Cummings walked down into the jail and came face to face with Freddie Pelligrino.

Freddie immediately stopped raking his shoe over the bars and studied Rae. She was dressed up and she smelled nice. His sister’s mother had money and lots of it. He sneered at her.

“Well, looks like Sophie didn’t do all that bad in the mother department,” he finally said keeping his tone even but revealing a bit of approval in his voice.

“What do you want?” asked Rae crossing her arms.

“That should be a no-brainer. For you to get me outta’ here,” said Freddie crossing his own arms.

“Well, I’m sure there’s a good reason why you’re in here,” said Rae.

“What are you saying?” inquired Freddie.

“You got yourself in here without my help so get yourself out,” said Rae firmly.

“What about Sophie? Why’d you come to see me?” asked Freddie confused.

“Sophia doesn’t know you’re in jail, does she?” observed Rae, “You let your sister down again, didn’t you?”

“You’re gonna’ get me outta’ here Ms. High and Mighty,” said Freddie confidently.

“No, I’m not,” said Rae, “I’m Sophia’s mother, not yours.”

“Yeah, but you need to score points with Sophie and what better way to do that than bailing out her dear sweet brother out of jail. Besides, if you don’t…” said Freddie.

“What?” spat Rae disgusted with his blackmail attempt.

“I’ll tell Sophie you let me rot in here and she won’t like that too much. I am her brother after all,” finished Freddie.

“You’re a lousy human being Freddie,” said Rae. She turned around to walk out.

“But I’m good at it,” said Freddie proudly. He paused.

“Where are you going?” he spat.

Rae said nothing as she walked out.

“You’ll be sorry!! You will!!” yelled Freddie after her.


Simon’s Apartment…

Sophia followed Simon into his apartment. It was sparse. Since he was still new in town he hadn’t much time to decorate it. Simon turned on a dim lamp near the couch and turned to Sophia. In a very gentlemanly manner, he took off her coat. She was impressed. He placed it on a chair and took off his own coat.

“So, Simon, what do you have to make decisions about?” asked Sophia.

Simon walked across the living room and leaned on the wall facing her.

“What ah’m going to do. I need to find out what mah Uncle Knows…” said Simon thinking out loud.

“What if he does know something?” inquired Sophia, “Are you going to quit Buchanan Enterprises? Forsake the Buchanans?”

“Ah can’t do that. They are mah family. Ah don’t know what Ah’m going to do. Ah’m confused, Sophia. What are you going to do?” he asked.

Sophia’s heart went out to him, “I dunno. I’m confused too. Rae is my mom. She’s not a bad egg. We got a lot to talk about,” she said, “I just gotta’ get to know her better.”

“Sounds like my situation,” said Simon.

“I never met to make you feel bad Simon,” said Sophia, “You’re the first guy who really liked me for me. That means a lot.” She was nervous about admitting that to him.

Simon smiled, “You’re different Sophia.”

“How?” she asked walked toward him.

“You didn’t come after me for me money or anything else. Ah’m so used to that. Ah never thought Ah’d meet a girl who would like me without the money,” said Simon honestly.

She said nothing and once again they were face to face.

“Don’t get me wrong Simon, I like the money too,” she admitted.

He ignored her, “No more words Sophia,” he said kissing her. She kissed him back.

He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her into a passionate embrace. He didn’t want to hold back any longer and this woman…excited him.

Sophia literally melted from the intensity of his kiss. She grew weak in the knees as he trailed his hard, desire filled kisses down her neck.

He slid his hands down her back and after a long minute, pulled away to look in her eyes. He placed his hands on her shirt buttons to undo her shirt.

“May…may Ah…” he breathlessly began.

“Oh yeah,” grinned Sophia, “You may.”

Simon undid her top and slid it off her shoulders. Sophia undid his shirt but didn’t slide it off. He picked her up in his arms and carried her to his bedroom and gently placed her on the bed. Tenderly, he nuzzled her breasts and Sophia moaned in delight. She leaned into his neck, kissing him. His fingers began exploring her hidden intimacy and she delighted in his touch and the sensations he was causing in her body. As their lovemaking became more passionate, Simon undid his pants and while he did, Sophia took off the rest of her clothes.

As Simon struggled to get out of his restrictive clothing, Sophia came up from behind him and rubbed his taunt abs.

“Why Mr. Buchanan, you have quite a six pack,” she remarked.

Simon’s lips trembled as he turned into her.

“You understand me Sophia. Ah’m not some spoiled little rich boy or a conquest to you…” he muttered.

“And I’m not some pathetic little waif to you…” she said.

“No,” he replied.

He leaned into her and they tumbled on the bed, Simon fell on top of her.

She could sense his hesitation.

“What? What is it Simon? I want you,” she confirmed.

“Ah don’t want to hurt you…” he said.

She leaned up into him, her kisses her assent to him to continue and he did. He entered her with rough abandon, delighted to be sharing himself with her like this.

Sophia could feel her body riding a wave of pleasure. He was evoking physical sensations that she never had before.

They move in rhythm – in synch and exploded all over each other. Sophia had had sex before but this was truly different for her. She knew she had made love to this man and she found it immensely pleasurable.


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