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Sophia could feel her body riding a wave of pleasure. He was evoking physical sensations that she never had before.
They move in rhythm – in synch and exploded all over each other. Sophia had had sex before but this was truly different for her. She knew she had made love to this man and she found it immensely pleasurable.


The next morning…

Sophia silently opened the door to Dorian’s mansion and tiptoed in. It was early in the morning, around six o’clock and she didn’t want to wake up Dorian.

As she walked past the den to go upstairs, she heard Dorian call her name. Surprised, she walked into the den and found Dorian sipping tea on the couch.

“And where were you all night?” asked Dorian. Her tone was light but she was concerned for Sophia.

Sophia blushed, “I…ah…stayed at Simon’s place.”

Dorian poured another cup of tea and motioned for Sophia to join her.

“And what were you and Mr. Buchanan doing at his place?” questioned Dorian as Sophia sat down.

Sophia blushed, “That is none of your business Dorian!!”

Dorian giggled, “So is Mr. Buchanan everything you thought he would be?”

“Dorian!!” exclaimed Sophia as her eyes grew wide.

Dorian calmly sipped her tea, enjoying Sophia’s reaction.

“All right Dorian, if you must know, Mr. Buchanan is fine. He’s more than fine. He’s H-O-T – hot,” gushed Sophia feeling comfortable enough around Dorian to tell her about Simon.

“Good. Do you want to know what I was up too while you were out being frisky?” asked Dorian.

“What?” shot back Sophia.

There was a brief pause between the women and they exchanged warm smiles. Sophia made Dorian feel good and Dorian hadn’t felt that way in a while.

“I listened to everyone of your CD’s – Hole – Garbage – Nirvana – Goo Goo Dolls – and I must say you listen to some pretty nervy stuff…” began Dorian.

Sophia’s mouth dropped, “No! You didn’t…” Sophia felt her stomach do flip-flops.

“Yep. And I put my fingerprints all over them just to get back at you for not coming home…and for not being my daughter,” finished Dorian sipping her tea.

Sophia crossed her arms, “Hey! I can’t help that Dorian. I can’t make my genes lie you know.”

“I know,” said Dorian.

“You’re disappointed though Dorian. I can tell. You really wanted to by my mother…” said Sophia softening.

“Yeah. I really wanted to be your mother. I’ve been lonely Sophia since my daughter, Cassie, went to Switzerland you…you helped to…make me feel…not so lonely so I wanted it. I wanted it more than anything,” said Dorian doing her best to describe how Sophia made her feel. Sophia filled a void in her.

“I’m sorry Dorian. We can still be friends, can’t we? I mean, I really like hanging with you. You’ve got some great clothes,” said Sophia trying to make Dorian smile.

“Of course Sophia. We will always be friend but I’m afraid I’ll never be a fan of your mother’s,” added Dorian frankly. She relaxed a little.

“Rae’s not all that bad Dorian,” said Sophia, “But I can understand where you’re coming from. So what now?”

Dorian leaned back on the couch, “What do you mean?” she asked.

“What do you have up your sleeve? It’s been a tough year for you,” said Sophia. She leaned over and lightly patted Dorian’s hand.

“Well, I suppose I should be more of a mother to Cassie. Look Sophia, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and I think it’s best I go to Switzerland to be there for Cassie until she gets better. Cassie needs her mother and that’s me…” started Dorian. Her tone was serious.

“What are you saying Dorian?” asked Sophia, her voice betraying her fear, “Are you leaving Llanview for good? Because…it didn’t work out between us? Because I’m not your daughter?”

Dorian shot up and grabbed the young woman’s hands. Her grip was tight and when she spoke her voice was full of conviction and compassion, “This had nothing to do with that…my daughter…needs me…”

“And I don’t?” exclaimed Sophia.

“Sophia,” said Dorian firmly, “You’re about to embark on a new path and only you can walk down it. You don’t need me…interfering…”

“You are!! You’re leaving because I’m not the one!!” cried Sophia.

“All right Sophia, IF you were my daughter you can bet I’d stick around but you’re not and I’ve got another daughter who needs me – who need her mother and I’m going to her!” exclaimed Dorian.

Sophia’s eyes grew narrow. She couldn’t help but feel hurt.

“Look, I’m not leaving forever. I will be back and when I come back I’ll be bringing my daughter with me. You can still stay at my mansion if you want. We will always be friends – good close friends,” said Dorian standing up, “But no matter how much I wanted to be, I’m not your mother and that hurts. I need to get away and be with Cassie to help my own heart heal.”

Sophia just sat on the couch dumbfounded. Dorian’s words had rocked her very world. She wanted Dorian in her life no matter what. She looked up at Dorian with the saddest eyes but no tears.

“But Dorian…who will listen to my CD’s with me?”

“Your mother,” said Dorian reacting to Sophia’s sadness.

Sophia watched Dorian walk out of the den and up her stairs. She hung her head feeling utterly defeated but she held back – no choked back her tears. She was strong! She was a survivor.

“I need you Dorian…I do…” she whispered, “Don’t leave me…”

Dorian shut the door to her bedroom behind her and broke down finally allowing tears of sadness, anguish, and disappointment to wash over her. How she wished she were the one!


Later on that morning,
The Palace Restaurant…

Sophia walked into the Palace restaurant to make her breakfast appointment with Rae. After her talk with Dorian, she had list fully gotten ready for breakfast. Truth be told she didn’t know what to expect and it made her a bit nervous.

To Sophia’s surprise, Freddie, her brother, was sitting at the table with Rae all cleaned up and looking downright respectable.

Sophia noticed that while Freddie looked tickled pink, Rae looked uncomfortable. She walked up to the table and took a seat, grinning.

“Hi Freddie! Hi Rae. I see you’ve met my brother, Freddie Pelligrino,” said Sophia.

“Hey Sophie – you got a cool mom,” said Freddie picking his nose, “She helped bail me outta’ jail and got me some new respectable clothes…” gushed Freddie.

Sophia swatted Freddie’s hand, “Don’t do that in here! And what’s this about Rae bailing you outta’ jail?!” Sophia turned to Rae who could tell Sophia was shocked by Freddie’s behavior.

“Well, I went to talk my friend, John Sykes at the police station…” started Rae.

“And that stupid ass Commissioner threw me in jail the minute he looked at me Sophie! I told him about his kid and he wigged out on me so I had to defend myself…” added Freddie.

“Translation: you did something stupid and Bo put you in the slammer. What’s the charge Freddie?” asked Sophia crossing her arms. “Assault on a police officer,” said Rae.

“So why did you bail Freddie out?!” questioned Sophia.

“He is your brother,” said Rae.

Sophia turned to Freddie who flashed her a devious grin, “She’s gonna’ pay for a fancy lawyer to defend me too…”

“Why are you doing this for him? Are you trying to score points with me by helping Freddie?!” questioned Sophia as her eyes narrowed, looking at Rae. Sophia suspected something wasn’t on the up and up.

As she spoke, Asa and Renee Buchanan walked past them and took a table.

Rae felt awkward and she glared back at Sophia, “Your family is my family Sophia. You are my daughter and I will do anything for you.”

“Anything?! I didn’t even know Freddie was in jail! I didn’t ask you…” started Sophia.

“Hey Sophia take a chill pill. Yer mother was just trying to do the right thing by you…” spoke up Freddie.

Sophia rolled her eyes, not knowing what to think. Her brother wasn’t even in Llanview for a day and her mother had all ready stepped in and taken charge.

Just then, she noticed Simon, dressed in a black suit and tie waltz past her as if she didn’t exist and walk right up to Asa’s table. She averted her gaze and looked at him, Simon appeared nervous and upset.

She had enjoyed the night they had spent together but so far only Dorian knew. What was Simon thinking now that it was the morning after? They had said little to each other after she woke up in his bed.

Simon was loud and his voice attracted everyone’s attention.

”Ah want answers Unca’ Asa…!”

Freddie leaned over, “Ain’t that yer man, Sophia?”

Rae raised an eyebrow at Sophia.

Sophia’s face betrayed nothing as she returned Rae’s harsh look. Who was she to judge Simon Buchanan?


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