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“I need a job I’ve earned, not my mother’s charity,” said Sophia, “Look, you go look at your house today and when you finally pick one out you can show me all right?” said Sophia walking toward the door. She resisted the urge to hug Rae.
Rae watched her walk away.
“Sophia! When will I see you again?!” cried Rae.
“I dunno. I’ll call you,” said Sophia. And with that she walked out the door. She was glad her back was to Rae because a single tear had managed to escape and slide down her cheek.
“Nope,” whispered Sophia, “Fairytaleland isn’t for me.”


A few days later
Dorian’s mansion…

The music blared through the living room. Sophia was perusing the “want ads” in The Sun.

“DO YOU HAVE AN OPINION?! A MIND OF YOUR OWN?!” she sang loudly as she was sitting down at a desk in the middle of the room , “I THOUGHT YOU WERE SPECIAL!! I THOUGHT YOU SHOULD KNOW!!”


Startled, Sophia flung the newspaper out of her hands and looked up at the patio doors. Her brother, Freddie, was peering though the glass with a devious smile adorning his face.

Sophia frowned, walked over to the stereo, turned the music down and sauntered over to the patio doors, letting Freddie in.

Freddie just grinned, “So, what are you listening to Sophie?”

“Garbage,” said Sophia crossing her arms.

“You can say that again,” deadpanned Freddie, “So where’s your sugar momma’ Dorian?”

Sophia swatted Freddie, “Hey! Dorian is my friend not my sugar momma and she’s in Switzerland visiting her daughter.”

“I knew that,” said Freddie arrogantly.

“So why did you ask you geek?” questioned Sophia.

Freddie just shrugged his shoulders and picked up the newspaper, “Want ads Sophie?”

“I need a job Freddie. It might behoove you to get one too,” she said looking at him.

“Behoove. Such a big word Sophie. Go to college to learn that one?” he teased.

“Shut up Freddie!’ said Sophia.

Freddie briefly looked at the newspaper and noticed that Sophia had circled a particular ad.

“Police officer?! You wanna’ be a police officer?!” he exclaimed.

“Maybe,” she said defensively.

Freddie got serious, “Why? When you can mooch offa’ yer rich momma?” He had other issued he wanted to address but he thought he’d start with this one.

“Maybe I don’t wanna’ mooch offa’ Rae!” said Sophia imitating him.

“Well, I don’t got no problem with it,” said Freddie.

“You’re a louse Freddie,” stated Freddie.

“Tell me something I don’t know,” said Freddie, “But c’mon Sophie! You really wanna’ be a cop?”

“I’m thinking about it Freddie. The pay is good and you don’t need a college degree to be a cop,” she said defending her position.

“You’re insane Sophie,” said Freddie.

Just then there was a knock on the door. Sophia and Freddie raced to the door like they were back in grade school. Sophia beat Freddie to the door and pulled it open.

Simon Buchanan stood in the doorway, a bit surprised. It was the first time he’d seen her since the Palace.



“Who are you? Dudley Do-Right?” asked Freddie crossing his arms. He recognized Simon from pictures but wasn’t about to let on. He doubted Simon remembered him from that day in the Palace.

“Freddie!! SHUT UP!!” yelled Sophia smacking him.

“Fine. I’m gonna’ go find yer momma’ and hit her up for a some spending money. Besides, we’re meeting with my lawyer today,” said Freddie walking out past Simon, “Nice to meet you.”

Simon watched Freddie leave and addressed Sophia, “Is that your brothah?”

“Freddie in the flesh,” said Sophia, “Come in.”

Simon walked in, “Ah’m sorry. Ah haven’t been around lately Sophia.”

Sophia shut the door and walked back into the den. Simon followed her.

“Well, I was hoping…”


“I was hoping it had nothing to do with me,” she finished sitting down on the couch. Simon sat down on the couch across from her.

“It didn’t,” said Simon, “Ah went looking for answers.”

“Did you find them?” asked Sophia.

“Some,” he replied. He couldn’t help but feel a bit awkward and nervous. He played with his hands.

“So did you find out who your father was?” asked Sophia.

“Yeah. Mah father is Bo. Bo Buchanan, Sophia,” admitted Simon.

“I know how you feel to have a sudden parent thrust upon you,” said Sophia.

“Ah figured you would,” said Simon, “After all you just found out who your real mother was.”

Sophia leaned forward and rested her elbows on her knees. She could feel her heart melting in his presence as she allowed herself to get lost in his eyes. Simon leaned forward and took her hands in his.

“So where do we go from here Sophia?” he whispered.

“Where do you want to go Simon?” she swallowed.

He smiled too, leaned forward, and kissed her.


The Palace Bar…

Rae Cummings leaned back in her chair and sipped on her drink as she stared at the cell phone that was on the table in front of her.

“C’Mon…ring…” she muttered.

“Hey Rae!” came a voice.

Rae looked up and discovered John Sykes hovering over her.

“John. Why don’t you join me?” said Rae motioning to the chair across from her.

John sat down, “So why are you looking at that cell phone?”

“I’m impatiently waiting for it to ring,” confessed Rae putting her drink down.

“Who is supposed to be calling you?” asked Sykes. Sykes jumped out of his chair, “Freddie you punk!”

Rae stood up and got between Sykes and Freddie, “John, don’t. Despite Freddie’s manners…we’re friends.”

Freddie smiled at Sykes.

Sykes looked aghast.

The phone rang.

Rae rushed to answer it, “Herb?!”

Freddie’s mouth dropped, “Sophia’s father!”


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