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Without a word, Dorian walked upstairs to her room to take a shower. As she took out a fresh change of clothes she noticed Cassie’s picture on her dresser. She stopped what she was doing and looked at her daughter.
“I miss you,” whispered Dorian.
She put the picture down and closed her eyes, fighting back tears.
“I’m glad I got to raise you but like Rae…I didn’t get that chance…with your sister…” she whispered.
She took a few minutes to compose herself and took her shower.


The Banner,
The following week…

Sophia sat at her desk at the Banner – the one she shared with Dr. Rae and reviewed the mail that Dr. Rae had received. Her boss, Dr. Rae Cummings, was in Pine Valley for the week. Sophia’s job was to put that mail in a pile that Rae should answer in her column. It was dull, tedious work. And she was bored.

She picked up a letter and began to read it. Losing interest, she began to daydream…

She dreamed that she was dressed up really nice and that her and Dorian were having a fancy dinner at the Country Club. She always wanted to have a fancy diner with Dorian. And then suddenly a very handsome man walked in. His entrance was dramatic and brought attention to himself. He was tall with dark, black hair and cerulean blue eyes. He wore a classic black tux and searched out the room running his hands through his hair. He was well built, debonair, and exuded an aura of mystery around him. She couldn’t help but look at him. Their eyes locked. She felt nervous all of a sudden as he slowly approached her. Dorian looked flabbergasted that this handsome man had noticed Sophia.

He stopped at her table, his eyes blazing with desire. He held out his hand to her.

“Me?” she whispered not averting her gaze.

“Yes. I want you,” he said, his voice deep and rich.

She took his hand and led her out to the dance floor. Finally their dance ended and he kissed her hand. Her romantic man in black! She had to find him. He would make all her dreams come true.

“What’s your name?” she asked lost in his eyes.

“Later, Sophia…” he whispered, “I’ll see you again. Soon.” and with that he left.

“I…want…you…” she whispered.

“Sophia!” came a nasty voice.

She looked up. The voice had broken her dream.

“Is the Lady back yet?” It was Det. John Sykes.

“Ah, no…” said Sophia frowning. She didn’t know what Dr. Rae saw in that clown. He was NO romantic man in black!

“When is she getting back?” asked Sykes crossing his arms.

“I dunno…try next week…” muttered Sophia.

Sykes walked out.

“Rugman!” giggled Sophia watching him leave.

Joey walked in, passed Sophia and went into the dark room.

Joey was rich but no romantic man in black either. All he wanted was Kelly. Yuck.

Dorian walked in and sat down next to Sophia. She was all dressed up.

“Dorian, what are you doing here?” asked Sophia putting a letter aside.

“I felt like going shopping…” said Dorian.

“And you want me to go like this?” asked Sophia pointing to her tie-dye shirt and bellhop jeans.

“Come as you are,” grinned Dorian.

“You’re been secretly jamming to my Nirvana CD, haven’t you?” asked Sophia.

Dorian just grinned.

“Dorian – you wild woman!” giggled Sophia.

Kevin Buchanan walked up and sneered at Dorian, “What are you doing here?” He held a clipboard full of clippings, trying to look important.

“Visiting. A friend,” said Dorian bluntly.

Suddenly Viki came rushing in, “Kevin – there’s been a terrible accident…!”

“What, Mom?” asked Kevin concerned.

“Starr Manning has had a terrible accident. She needs a blood transfusion but she’s got Todd rare blood type…” said Viki.

Sophia and Dorian’s eyes bugged out.

Sophia spoke up, “Hey! I’ve got a rare blood type. I’d give blood for her.”

“Really?” asked Viki, “What is it?”

“O Negative,” said Sophia.

“Thank Heavens!” said Viki, “Blair – her mother is at the hospital. I’ll tell her you’re coming,” said Viki.

Sophia threw down her letter.

“I’m going too,” said Dorian, “Starr’s my niece.”

Sophia and Dorian headed for the hospital.


Llanview General…

Sophia sat in a reclined chair, hooked up to give blood. She watched as her blood drained into the bag that would save Starr Manning’s life. Sophia had met Starr once – during the summer. Starr was sweet and she genuinely had taken a liking to Sophia. Sophia couldn’t forget that. She couldn’t forget how Starr just liked her.

Dorian stood over Sophia, looking very concerned.

“Sophia, thank you for doing this,” said Dorian.

“No problem Dorian,” said Sophia.

“How did you know you had a rare blood type?” asked Dorian interested in Sophia, “You know, only 2 percent of the population have O negative blood.”

Sophia made a face, “Promise not to say anything?”

Dorian soberly nodded her head.

“When I was a kid, before my Dad left – he beat the snot out of me. Bad. I had to go to the hospital. I needed a transfusion. That’s when they found out I was O Negative and there was no available donors – they had to have some blood shipped out of Pine Valley,” explained Sophia, “I got it just in time.”

“Sophia – I’m sorry. You’re parents…?” said Dorian.

“They adopted me,” said Sophia.

“My God…” Dorian closed her eyes, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry your adopted father did that too you.”

“He beat Freddie too. Believe me, he didn’t play favorites…” added Sophia.

“Freddie?” questioned Dorian.

“My brother,” clarified Sophia.

“Didn’t he get in trouble for beating you?” asked Dorian.

“No. He lied about it. Like he lied about everything. He left when I was thirteen,” said Sophia.

“Do you know who your real parents are?” asked Dorian softly.

“No. But I’m sure one of them has O Negative blood,” said Sophia, “Big clue, huh?”

“Did…did you ever want to find them?” asked Dorian.

A nurse came by and checked the bag, “All most done Miss Pellegrino.”

Sophia nodded her head.

“Find them Dorian? No. Kinda. I mean…they might have been nicer than the Pellegrinos but maybe they weren’t. They gave up on me…” said Sophia. Her voice betrayed her confusion.

“Maybe Sophia…maybe your mother wanted to keep you but couldn’t?” suggested Dorian.

Sophia shrugged her shoulders.

The nurse came back and pronounced the bag full. She withdrew the needle and prepared the bag. Dorian stayed with Sophia, as Sophia had to wait and be monitored for 15 minutes after giving blood.

“Dorian, I want to see Starr as soon as I can,” said Sophia.

“I’ll talk to Blair,” said Dorian.

Sophia’s 15 minutes were up. Her and Dorian walked out of the hospital room and Sophia literary ran into her romantic man in black! The man from her daydreams! She couldn’t help but look into his eyes. He looked back…


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