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“Dorian, I want to see Starr as soon as I can,” said Sophia.
“I’ll talk to Blair,” said Dorian.
Sophia’s 15 minutes were up. Her and Dorian walked out of the hospital room and Sophia literary ran into her romantic man in black! The man from her daydreams! She couldn’t help but look into his eyes. He looked back…

“Take your time, hurry up, the choice is yours, don’t be late…” Come As You Are, by Nirvana


Llanview General…

“Ah…ah…ah…” muttered Sophia. She swallowed.

“Ah, what, Miss…?” he asked looking mildly amused.

“Ah…Sophia. Sophia Pellegrino,” she held out her hand. He took it and shook it.

“So, ah, what do I call you?” she asked.

“Simon. Simon Buchanan,” he answered. He was dressed in a dapper dark 3-piece suit and spoke with a bit of an accent. He held a folder in one hand and Sophia noticed his eyes. Blue. Cerulean blue – like her dreams.

Dorian spoke up, “Buchanan? Are you related to Asa Buchanan?”

“Ah, yes, I am ma’am. He’s mah Uncle. It’s a long story. And you might be?” he asked.

“Dorian Lord Hayes,” said Dorian grinning.

“Well, if you’ll excuse me Ladies, I have some urgent business to attend too,” said Simon turning his attention back towards Sophia.

“So, ah, Simon…do you have any friends here in Llanview?” asked Sophia quickly.

“No, not really. I’m new in town,” he replied.

“They got a…a bar…I like to hang out in. It’s called Rodi’s. You ah, wanna’ meet for drinks?” asked Sophia swallowing her pride and asking him out. She didn’t want to lose him!

“All right,” he grinned, “Tonight at eight?”

Dorian looked amused.

“Sure,” said Sophia.

“Where do I go to pick you up Miss Pellegrino?” he asked.

“Don’t! Ah…I’ll meet you there okay…” said Sophia a bit defensively.

A pager went off and Simon looked down taking a pager off his belt, “I’m sorry. I have to attend to this business…” said Simon, “Tonight, then, Miss Pellegrino?”

“Tonight, Si…ah, Mr. Buchanan,” she confirmed.

He walked off.

Sophia turned to Dorian, “OhmyGod! DorianIhaveadatewithaman!! Youknow – themanofmydreams…”

“Sophia, calm down,” said Dorian, “Mr. Buchanan seems intrigued with you…but you can’t meet him looking like that…”

Sophia looked down at her retro clothes, “What then?” asked Sophia clearly excited.

“I’ll let you borrow some of my rags,” said Dorian grinning.

“You’re the best Dorian!” exclaimed Sophia.

Dorian felt a deep satisfaction, “Now, C’Mon. Let’s go see Starr okay. I want to know she’s going to be all right.”

Sophia nodded her head. She wanted too see Starr as well. Make sure that little girl was all right.


Later that afternoon,
The Banner…

Sophia had to stop by the Banner and take care of some miscellaneous business before heading home. She giggled. Home…to get ready for her date.

She wasn’t allowed to go in and see Starr. Starr was still in recovery but a grateful Blair had assured Sophia that she would let Sophia see Starr the following day. Sophia was satisfied with that. She was happy to have saved Starr’s life like she had. She found it…rewarding.

Sophia sat down in her chair. Amazing coincidence she of all people had Starr’s blood type.

“Only two percent of the population have O Negative blood…”

“Could I be related to Starr?” whispered Sophia, “Maybe I should try to find out. Her Dad is Todd Manning. But Todd’s too young to be my father. Now, maybe my brother…that’s a possibility…”

The phone rang. Sophia reached for it.

“Yeah?” she said.

“Is that how you answer the phone, Sophia?” came a voice. It was her voice, Dr. Rae.

“Sorry. The Banner. You’ve reached “Cummings and Goings” Ms. Pellegrino speaking. May I help you?” asked Sophia trying to correct her mistake.

“Better,” came Rae’s voice, “I heard about what you did today Sophia – giving blood for Starr Manning…”

“You did? But you’re in Pine Valley…?” said Sophia a bit confused.

“They put out a public service announcement looking for someone with O Negative blood,” said Rae, “And I was ready to hop on the next plane to Llanview when I heard they found a donor. And I heard it was you…” said Rae.

Sophia raised an eyebrow, “You? Why you?”

“I have O Negative blood Sophia,” said Rae softly but firmly.

“You’re kidding me? You know only two percent of the population have O Negative blood Rae…” said Sophia. Her heart skipped a beat, “Rae…I’m…” she paused.

“What?” prodded Rae.

“I’m adopted,” said Sophia.

There was a pregnant pause.

“Sophia, you know I gave up a daughter for adoption…” said Rae quietly.

“Yeah, I know,” said Sophia, “Is it possible…?”

“Look Sophia, I’ll be back in Llanview shortly and we’ll deal with this then…” said Rae.

“Yeah. Sure. Right. Okay. That makes sense,” said Sophia a bit shell-shocked.

“Take care of yourself Sophia. I should be back by the end of the week,” said Rae.

“Yeah. You too…” said Sophia. She hung up the phone. She didn’t know what to think. She finished up her task and headed…home…to get ready for her date.


Later that evening,

Dorian had helped Sophia dress up for her date. Sophia wore a dark blue skirt, coming down to her knees and a beige long sleeve shirt complementing her make-up. Her make-up wasn’t over done or outrageous. She paused in the entranceway and looked inside the crowded establishment.

Simon was dressed casually in jeans in a t-shirt. Sophia laughed at that. She was trying to dress up form him! Just then Joey walked up to his table and handed him a beer.

Oh no!

Sophia’s face fell. The last thing she needed was Joey telling Simon lies about her. She stood there dumbfounded, not really knowing what to do.

And then Simon looked up and noticed her standing there. He smiled and motioned for her to join them.

Sophia swallowed and couldn’t help but feel a bit faint.


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