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Bo: [rolls eyes in frustration. His pager goes off. He looks at it and looks up] Paw, I gotta’ go. Duty calls. [walks towards the door]

Asa: Come back when you’re ready to spend some quality time with yer old man.

Bo: [says nothing and walks out]

[camera pans on Asa who picks up a picture of him and his brother when they were younger. Asa snickers. Camera fades out.]


The Docks…

Gretal Rae Cummings did something a bit out of character. After the fiasco at the Banner, she was in a reflective mood and went to the docks – to think – to be alone – to contemplate what the aftermath of Sophia’s blood tests would reveal.

“Hey Lady,” came a voice.

Rae turned around from where she was standing, “John! Why are you down here?”

“I could ask you the same thing. You know all of Llanview’s low-lifes hang around here,” said Sykes.

“Thanks for the compliment, I think,” muttered Rae.

“No. Seriously. Why are you here?” he asked.

Rae paused, “I just wanted to be alone. To think.”

“About what?” asked Sykes.

“Nosy, aren’t you?” she said.

Sykes looked hurt.

“Sorry. I’m just in a mood, can’t you tell?” added Rae.

“Yeah, I can…” said Sykes putting in his hands in his overcoat pockets.

A light fog blew past them.

Rae swallowed, “I think Sophia Pellegrino is my daughter.”

John acted surprised, “Really? Why Sophia?”

“Look, it’s a long story John. It’s complicated and on top of that…I don’t know how Sophia feels about me. One minute, I think she likes me, the next, I think she hates or at least doesn’t know what to think of me. I don’t know where I stand with her…” said Rae.

“So where’s Sophia now?” asked John rubbing his forehead, feeling a bit overwhelmed but trying to be a good friend to her.

“Probably giving blood. You see there’s another person claiming to be Sophia’s mother and we’re all giving blood to have our DNA tested…” explained Rae.

“Who?” asked Sykes.

“Dorian Lord Hayes,” said Rae coldly. It became silent between them and Rae turned around to look at the hazy fog as it floated over the Llantano, thinking only of Sophia.


Dorian’s mansion…

Dorian silently gazed out the baby window of her living room reliving a long forgotten memory. A memory of Victor Lord. It had been their first meeting. Victor was an insatiable lover and it was this interlude that she had gotten pregnant.

“Victor,” she said softly out loud.

The doorbell rang snapping Dorian out of her memory. She briskly walked through the living room, into the hall and opened the door.

Simon Buchanan stood in front of her. His eyes were full of concern.

“Is Sophia awl right? I heard there was a blow out at the Banner,” he said.

“Come in,” said Dorian motioning toward the den. Simon followed her in.

Simon walked into the den, “Well, Sophia?”

“I don’t know where Sophia is. She probably went to the hospital to give blood,” said Dorian exploring Simon with her eyes. Sizing him up. Wondering if he was good enough for her.

“More…blood? Didn’t she just give blood?” asked Simon, “Is Sophia awl right?”

“You care about her,” stated Dorian.

“Of course ah do,” said Simon getting adjatated that he wasn’t getting anywhere with this conversation.

“You haven’t known her that long,” added Dorian.

“No, Ah haven’t but ah do know this. Ah like her. She’s funny and intelligent and she makes me feel good when Ah’m around her and Ah like that,” said Simon, “Now, where is she?”

Dorian smugly smiled.

“Why is she giving more blood?!” asked Simon raising his voice.

“Sophia’s having her DNA tested. She could be my daughter…” said Dorian.

“What?” muttered Simon in shock.

“Or I could be Dr. Rae’s little brat…” said Sophia walking into the den with a smug smile on her face.

Both Simon and Dorian looked relieved to see her.

“Speechless?” asked Sophia walking up to them and crossing her arms – steeling herself up.

“Rae,” said Dorian pausing, “Rae. Rae. Rae. I don’t want you to be her brat. I want you to be my brat,” said Dorian crossing her arms and looking at Sophia.

Sophia paused, taken a bit aback, “Dorian – look – I…like you, I do, but…”

Simon looked on, a bit shocked himself, studying the dynamic between the two women.

“But what? You’re like a daughter to me all ready Sophia, and you know it!” said Dorian passionately.

“Maybe I don’t want you to be my mother. Maybe I just want you to be my…friend…” stammered Sophia.

“Any why not?” demanded Dorian.

“Because…because…maybe that’s what I want! Look Dorian, I really don’t want another Mom because I don’t want to lose her again!!” said Sophia, leaving Dorian speechless. Then Sophia turned to Simon, “What are you doing here?”

Simon felt a bit defensive and raised his hands, “Hey! Ah was concerned about you. Ah was trying to reach you at the Banner to ask you if you wanted to enter a dance contest with me and Ah heard there was a blow out. Ah wanted to know if you were okay. If you needed…a friend.”

Sophia softened, “Sorry. It’s been a lousy day. On top of all this my brother Freddie is back.”

“Freddie?” muttered Dorian.

“Yeah. And he’s going to need a place to stay…” said Sophia slyly.

“Whatever you want. Your family is my family,” said Dorian.

Simon grabbed Sophia’s attention, “Sophia where does all of this leave me? Dorian said something about giving blood…?”

Sophia walked into Simon’s personal space, “I did give a sample of blood Simon…to Dr. Wolek. He’ll have the DNA comparisons in a day or two,”

Simon let out a breath of frustration, “We need to talk – Sophia. Alone.”

“I agree, Simon. There’s a lot I need tell you,” she said staring into his soft blue eyes. Dorian wrinkled her brow – naturally curious.


Llanview PD Station…

Bo Buchanan was standing in the middle of his police station reviewing a statement when a loud and obnoxious Freddie Pelligrino arrogantly waltzed into the squad creating quite a ruckus.

“Where’s that fat and pudgy Commissioner who thinks he owns this joint?” yelled Freddie, “He can’t out run me.”

Everyone’s attention turned to Freddie who strutted up to Bo like a peacock, proud of himself.

Bo stared coldly into Freddie’s face, “Who let you out of the slammer Freddie?”

“It’s called parole,” said Freddie crossing his arms.

“You need to back off Freddie,” said Bo firmly, “Or I’ll put you right back into that slammer.”

Freddie gave Bo an arrogant grin, “Sticks and stones Commish. Oh…and lets throw in lies and secrets while we’re at it and I know a big secret about you.”

Bo leaned into Freddie, not afraid of his attempt at intimidation. The cops in the squad room watched the scene with intense interest.

“Are you trying to threaten me Freddie? ‘Cos 2 bit punks like you only make me wanna’ laugh…”

“You stay off my back Commish or your son will be sorry!” spat Freddie.

Bo grabbed Freddie by the lapels of his jacket and pulled into his face, “Don’t!! How dare you bring up my dead son!! I won’t have you defiling my boy’s memory!! Not some 2 bit punk like you!!”

“I’m not talking about your dead son. I’m talking about the one that’s living and breathing!!” sneered Freddie.

Bo, in a fit of anger, threw Freddie down on the floor. Freddie landed rough.

“My Son is dead you punk!” yelled Bo, furious.

“Simon Buchanan looks pretty healthy to me…” goaded Freddie wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

“What?” muttered Bo clearly in shock, “Simon is my cousin, not my son!!”

Freddie just snickered.


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