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“My Son is dead you punk!” yelled Bo, furious.
“Simon Buchanan looks pretty healthy to me…” goaded Freddie wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.
“What?” muttered Bo clearly in shock, “Simon is my cousin, not my son!!”
Freddie just snickered.


Llanview PD…

Finally Bo’s shock wore off realizing there was a possibility that what Freddie had said could be true. He had an affair with Simon’s mother, and while it didn’t last long, it had been…passionate.

“Get out of my sight Freddie!” spat Bo.

“What? Like a piece a trash?! No way!! You’re gonna’ stop treating me like garbage!!” yelled Freddie spitting in Bo’s face.

“Damn lying punk!!” yelled Bo. He pushed Freddie away from him. Freddie felt a pair of arms clamp around him as he struggled to attack Bo.

“Let me go!!” yelled Freddie.

“Sorry Charlie,” said John Sykes having just returned from seeing Rae on the docks.

“That’s Freddie!! As in Freddie Pelligrino!!” cried Freddie, “Police brutality!! Let me go now or I’ll really sue your worthless department!!”

“Put ‘em in confinement John,” instructed Bo.

Sykes escorted Freddie out of the squad room. Freddie struggled against him but Sykes was strong and threw Freddie in the slammer.

Freddie grabbed the bars, his fury pumping through his veins, “You’ll be sorry! You’ll all be sorry!! My sister’s got a rich mom and she’ll pay for a fancy lawyer to get me outta’ here and sue this department’s worthless ass!!”

Sykes rolled his eyes and walked out.


Dorian’s mansion…

Sophia confidently turned to Dorian, “I need to speak to Simon alone.”

“About what?” inquired Dorian.

“Dorian! None of your business – that’s what. Can you give Simon and me a minute or two?!” fussed Sophia.

“I’ll be in the kitchen…” said Dorian opening the den doors to leave.

“And keep yer mitts off my new “Garbage” CD Dorian. You get fingerprints all over my stuff!!” said Sophia protectively.

Dorian dropped her mouth, closed it, and shut the door intent on doing just what Sophia instructed her not too. Just because.

Simon turned to Sophia, “What’s wrong? What do you have to tell me?”

Sophia softened as she looked into Simon’s eyes. He was extremely handsome.

“Would it matter to you if Dorian or Rae was my mother? My real mother?” she asked nervous and tense.

“No. Ah like you,” insisted Simon.

“Dorian can be overbearing at times and Rae can be a buttinski,” said Sophia defensively, “One of these women is going to end up being a large part of my life weather I like it or not,” said Sophia.

“We don’t get to pick our parents Sophia,” said Simon running his hand through his hair, a bit exasperated, “Look, Ah just want…” he paused.

“Want to what?” fussed Sophia.

Impulsively, Simon walked over to her and took her lips with is. She melted at how ferocious his kiss was and backed away to come up for air.

“Ah just want you to be happy,” he finished.

“I want you to be happy too Simon. No secrets between us,” insisted Sophia as she felt the blood rushing through her veins.

“Ah have no secrets Sophia. What you see is what you get,” said Simon, “Ah don’t know what it is about you…”

Sophia swallowed, “Simon, I know a secret about you and you may not like me after I tell you.”

“Ah doubt that,” said Simon, “Nothing you could say would make me go away.”

“You don’t understand Simon!!” said Sophia raising her voice, “I always screw the good things up.”

“Well…you can’t screw up how Ah feel about you!!” protested Simon.

Sophia was taken aback, “How do you feel Simon?” she asked, “Do you really like me?”

“Yeah. I really like you,” he said crossing his arms and staring at her, “What do I have to do to convince you?”

“Simon,” said Sophia with courage, “We have more in common than you think.”

“What?” he said standing before her.

“Who you thought was your real father isn’t,” she said turning away from him.

“What? What did you say?!” muttered Simon walking around to face her.

Sophia’s stomach was doing flip-flops, “Your father isn’t Asa’s brother…” said Sophia.

Simon was confused, “Of course my father is Asa’s brother.”

“No Simon, your father – your biological father is Asa’s son…Bo Buchanan!” said Sophia defensively.

Simon shook from the horror of the thought. Sophia reached out to him but he backed away, confused and hurt.

“How do you know this?” he asked, his voice growing cold.

“Does it matter how I found out Simon? It’s true!!” said Sophia reacting to his withdrawal.

“That’s sickening to me if it is true,” said Simon. He bolted for the doors.

“Wait, Simon! Where are you going?” asked Sophia crossing her arms.

“To find out if it is true,” he said firmly.

“What about me Simon?” asked Sophia, looking at him defiantly.

“Oh. Ah’ll be back Sophia,” said Simon firmly, “Because when Ah get the answer to your bombshell, we’re going to have a long talk.”

Sophia watched him leave, so scared that she had alienated the one man who had expressed genuine interest in her.


A few hours later,
Llanview General…

Shortly after Simon left, Dr. Larry Wolek called Sophia telling her everyone’s blood work was in and he had the results. Sophia became nervous and found Dorian in the kitchen sipping tea and reading the lyrics to her latest CD. When Sophia told Dorian the results were in, Dorian got serious. They didn’t say much to each other in the car but Dorian held Sophia’s hand as she drove to the hospital.

As Dorian and Sophia entered Larry’s office, Rae was all ready there, dressed fashionably. Sophia exchanged a glance with Rae and then turned to Larry.

“Boy, that was quick,” commented Sophia.

Larry awkwardly grinned, “Modern technology.”

“I guess so,” said Rae lightly.

It grew quiet in the room. Sophia reached for Dorian’s hand.

“So…you want to know?” asked Larry finally.

“Yeah,” said Sophia full of attitude, “Which one is my real mom?”

Rae took a step forward.

Dorian took a deep breath.

Larry bit his lip, “According to the tests, Rae Cummings is your mother, Sophia.”


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