A dark night
In the heart of a New York City Alley…

Run. That’s all he knew to do. Run. Despite the pain in his side and the warm liquid oozing down his arm. Run.

“Get back here you f*cker if you ever wanna’ see her again!!”

“Don’t yell after him!! Chase him down!!”

Todd took a quick breath and glanced around the dark street. Garbage container. Alley. Car. Waitaminute. A pick up truck with furniture in the bed. It was his best bet. He crawled into the back and shoved a mattress over him, trying to control his heave breathing, clutching his wounded arm close to his chest.

He heard sounds in the street. Garbage cans being toppled over. Cursing. People arguing. Trying to find him. Trying to kill him. He had to stay alive. He had to find out what happened to her.

Suddenly the truck shook and he heard doors slam. The truck drove off and he breathed easier. He had to get back to Llanview. He had to warn Viki and protect Starr.

When the truck stopped, Todd got out as soon as he felt confident the occupants had left the area. He was in another neighborhood. Run down. Clothes hanging in the alley. He looked at the clothes and his arm. The bleeding had stopped but blood stained his shirt. Without a second thought he took one of the shirts for himself and another one he made into a makeshift sling for his arm. He didn’t dare go into a hospital. His attackers would be scooping them out since they were aware of his injury. No. He had to make his way back to Llanview immediately. He had lives to protect. And questions he needed answered.


Todd hitched rides back to Llanview on 18 Wheeler trucks. He didn’t say much. One trucker had asked him about his arm but he kept mum. The past few months had been…wacked out. He had gone to New York with Téa and they had gotten to know each other all over again. He’d even slept with her. Thing had been good and for a brief period. He’d been happy. He should have known better. One day after she’d gone to Aubelia’s she didn’t return home and suddenly there were these guys demanding a ransom for her life. That night he paid the ransom demand and they tried to repay him by trying to take his life. No Delgado. She was gone. He couldn’t protect her. And now he had to protect Viki and Starr. He wouldn’t let the rest of his family suffer for his misdeeds.

The trucker drove into Angel Square and pulled up to Carlotta’s diner to deliver an order. Todd was pissed. Of all the placed to make a delivery! Carlotta’s f*cking diner!! The last person he needed to see was Carlotta Vega.

“Stop here!” demanded Todd.

“I gotta’ drive up…”

“Stop the damn truck now, I’m getting out,” hissed Todd.

Suddenly Sophia heard a crash and she turned around. A tall man hiding in the shadows stood near a bunch of crates. Sophia got up.

“Who’s that? Who’s there?” she cried.

The man groaned.

Sophia thought he was hurt. She walked over to him and looked at his wounded figure. He was clinging to the crates for support and had an arm tucked into his chest. Deep shadows covered the features of his face but his eyes were powerful – magnetic. Attractive. His hair was long and beautiful. Such a powerful creature – wounded and in pain.

“You need help Mister? You hurt?” asked Sophia just staring at him, wondering what he would do if she approached him.

He turned his hypnotic eyes into her face.

“What makes you think I should trust you?!” he said through the dark.

His voice was rich and smooth, with a just a subtle hint of familiar sarcasm.

“Who else do you have to trust mister?” said Sophia sarcastically crossing her arms.

Todd paused, “Fine. Take me to your place.”

“My place? Nah…I couldn’t get you past the doorman. I’m staying at the Palace. You got a place?” she asked.

“Down on main. I’ll tell you where to go…” he said forcing the words out. The pain in his side wouldn’t go away.

Sophia walked up to him and wrapped her arms around him. He leaned on her for support. She couldn’t help but be concerned for him. He was everything she wanted in a guy. Physically. Well built. Gorgeous hair. Hypnotic eyes. And he even hinted of danger. Bad. He was a bad, bad boy. She was a sucker for a bad boy. It was a combination of all these things that compelled her to help him. Yeah. She took him to where he requested and helped to take care of him, hoping he’d answer her questions soon.

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