Sophia walked up to the man in front of her, put her hand on his firm waist and leaned up into him, tasting his moist, sullen lips with her own erotic full bodied mouth. She nipped his bottom lip with her own and then again, turned into him, their lips melting together. The kiss lingered and their faces teased each other, and Todd, lost in the moment, so desperately wanting to feel...anything…something…allowed her lips to caress his own. He put his hands on her arms and drew her closer into him, allowing the kiss to deepen. Allowing his own hunger and desires to fuel his need for human contact. She was petite next to him – so nubile – and right now, suddenly, he needed her. The kiss expanded as he bolding invaded her mouth by thrusting his tongue into hers. She groaned from the heightening sensations he was arousing in her and she hoped that he’d take her away – take her into his bed tonight.


Late at Night
Llanfair’s den…

Dim light penetrated the dark and surrounded the potential lovers in a shroud of desire, yet somehow the dark had taken on a mystical quality, amping up every emotion, every feeling between them, encouraging them to take their sin again.

Todd parted from her lips, gasping for breath as he looked in her eyes, again, seeing that strange yet alluring spark he’d seen the night they had sex in the bar.

“What…what are you doing here?” he whispered trying to fight his body’s impulses as he grabbed Sophia by the arms, pulling her up into him.

“I wanted to see you,” said Sophia.

“Miss me?”

“Maybe,” she admitted, not thinking about her recent turn of events. No, she’d deal with her info later as she put her hands, palms against his chest, with only the thin layer of his shirt separating them.

“You want me Todd. Admit it,” she added playfully leaning into him, teasing his lips with hers as she brushed against him.

Todd couldn’t help but react. She wanted it. She did and he saw no reason why he couldn’t accommodate her request. He kissed her lips, parting them with his heavy, aggressive tongue, as he reached down and untucked her shirt, pulling it over her head, revealing her chest to him, her breasts covered by a creamy silk lace bra. His fingers tugged at it, unsnapping it, giving his sensuous mouth free access and he buried his face in the soft flesh.

She wants it…

I want him…

Temporarily satiated, he looked up into her eyes, torn between what his body wanted and just how much of himself he should share.

“Sophia…” he started.

“Schhh…it’s okay Todd…” she said softly yet reassuringly, “I want it to happen.”

Suddenly, he got nervous.

She reached down and untucked his shirt, pulling it over his head, revealing his broad, finely layered masculine chest. His skin was so sensitive and sharp. She put her lips on his touchy nipple and with her swollen tongue began making delicate circles around it. His hair softly brushed her cheek and as Todd became caught in the web of the raw, passionate sexuality between them, he allowed a loud, guttural groan to leave his lips. Encouraged, Sophia unbuttoned his pants and slid her hands into them, fondling his masculinity and his rock hard cock.

Todd’s penis was so hard in her hands and dripping with pre-cum. They stumbled to the couch, eager to finish what they started.

Todd’s pants slid down to his ankles and Sophia quickly shed the rest of her clothes. There in the quiet of Llanfair, surround by the Lord legacy, by which Todd was intimately associated with, they fucked each other. Todd sat on the couch, naked, his pants down at his feet and Sophia, also naked, sat on top of him, riding him with reckless abandon. His hands were on her firm, taunt, hips, guiding the pace and intensity of their rhythm. Then, impulsively, Todd leaned into her and began suckling on her breast, his hands still pushing her down onto his cock and between licking each breast he groaned as they wildly gave into their emotions and desires. He continued to suckle on her breasts, their stomach rubbing together, each groaning and moaning from their pleasures.

Todd was into it. Into her. Back and forth, her firm ass rubbed against the base of her balls, as he held her tightly on his manhood. He liked what they were doing – enjoying it. While part of him was disgusted at how fast he’d taken to fucking another woman after losing Téa, a part of him realized his sexual urges had re-emerged and it was Sophia who was satisfying them – him. He trusted her with his sex and why not? After all he’d trusted her with his life and she had taken care of him when he thought no person in the world would have.

She was riding him harder. Faster. Groaning loudly. He pulled his mouth off her swollen, engorged breasts and brought his hands up her side from her waist and began to squeeze them, her nipples hard between his anxiously fingers and as he did so, he studied her face, Oh God, she was an incredible piece of ass. His piece of ass. Oh yeah, his. No one else was going to fuck her while she was with him. Oh no, no fucking thief was going to take what was his ever again!

“Say my name baby when you come…say it…” he demanded, wanting her to know it was him who was driving her crazy with his sex.

She gulped for breath, dizzy, senseless.

“C’Mon baby…say my name…!” he demanded a bit more insistent.

“Oh Gooood…Oh….Toddd….!!” she cried as her orgasm washed over her.

“That’s it! Say it baby!! Say my name!!” he encouraged.

“Todd…!! Oh my fucking… Todd…!!” she moaned as her back arched in his hands.

Todd sneered, totally pleased that her orgasm was so involved. He released inside her, grunting as blast after blast of physical pleasure washed over himself. Sophia’s shaking body collapsed on top of Todd and somewhere in the back of his mind, Todd realized he was falling…

He aggressively grabbed Sophia by her arms and pulled her up into him, afraid…

“What are you doing to me?!” he asked, his voice nervous, “You casting a spell on me?”

Sophia was surprised by his response to their incredible sexual encounter. What was his problem?

“Huh? Look Todd, I’m just a chick who think you’re one pretty hot guy…I…” she hesitated suddenly reminded of her past and her father.

“You’re a bad girl Sophia – a regular witch…” his taunting tone echoed in her.

“You what?” demanded Todd hiding behind his words.

“Fucking witch!!”

“I like you,” said Sophia not daring to admit anymore, fighting past her memory, “I took care of you. I know you’re hurting. Look, whether you like it or not we both realize there’s something between us…”

Todd cupped her cheek in his hand while holding her arm, “I don’t need you.”

As soon as he did, he’d lose her. That was the pattern that was his life.

“You do. Admit it – you’re grateful I nursed you back to health. You’re glad I helped you see your kid and you like the sex between us. Don’t deny it Todd. Oh, I see right through your hard tough exterior. I know you’re defenses. I know ‘em all too well ‘cos I have the same ones…”

“You…don’t need me?” he asked, again, amazed at how she’d called him out so quickly, growing more aware by the minute he’d found a similar soul in Sophia Pellegrino.

“No, but I want to be near you. I want to help you,” she spat. Todd realized the same thing. He wanted to be near her. He respected her and appreciated the things she’d done for him.

“what do we do about it Pellegrino?” asked Todd softly, practically admitting the same thing Sophia had.

“What do you want to do Todd?” she asked realizing she was in a vulnerable position, “Do you think I’m a slut for fucking you like this – on the couch – in a bar – or do you actually think you’d like to see me again?” Sophia needed to know where she stood.

“No, I don’t think you’re a slut. You…”


Todd knew Sophia was incredibly tight, a physical pleasure he enjoyed and she wasn’t a tease like other whores he’d remembered, God, how was it this chick had come to affect him so emotionally so quickly.

“No, you’re not a slut. Look, Sophia, I want to keep seeing you,” he admitted again, softly lowering his voice, “But…”

“But what?”

“Look, I’m trying to get back those things which belong to me. My paper. My kid. My penthouse. I want to see you but I don’t want anyone to know it. Just yet,” admitted Todd.

“So what? I’m Todd’s secret little screw?” asked Sophia.

“You’re more than that and we both know it Sophia. Let’s stop playing coy. Let’s stop the word games. There’s a reason why I don’t want anyone knowing about us and I’ll tell you in good time. Now let’s get dressed. Don’t want Viki and her mindless boy toy walking in on us,” commanded Todd.

Sophia complied with his instruction, satisfied for now by his words. As she finished tucking in her shirt, she looked up at Todd who was silently brooding by the bar, eyeing the drink of scotch he had poured for himself.



“I got suspended at work,” she said.

“Because of me?” he asked after taking a long, satisfying sip of his drink.

“No, because I held a gun to Javier Perez’s head in RJ Gannon’s apartment,” she said defiantly.

Angry, Todd flung the glass across the room, the amber liquid splattering on the mantle.

“Why did you wait to tell me?!” he demanded of her, knowing full well Perez was Téa’s kidnapper.

Sophia crossed her arms and glared at her secret lover, not quite expecting the reaction she got.


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