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Sites on Soap Operas

Jonathan Reiner's TV Guide Online "Buzz" On Soaps

Soap Opera Tapes
Need some tapes on your favorite show? Check out this site!

Show Related Sites

Comprehensive sites about the show!!

Llanview Online

LLanview Banner

About One Life To Live w/Katherine Thurston

OLTL - The Complete Family Tree

OLTL - The Complete History Pages

Rate It All's OLTL Fan Site

Skye & Kevin Fan's OLTL Heaven Website!

Actor Related Sites

Charrisa Chamorro
Unofficial Charissa Charmarro Homepage

Charissa Rocks! The Charissa Chamorro Homepage

Florencia Lozano
Florencia Lozano Homepage

The Florencia Lozano Homepage

The ULTIMATE Florencia Lozano Homepage

Dim's Florencia Lozano Photo Gallery & Fun Pages

Robin Strasser
Robin Strasser's Admiration Page

Menopause, SOS
The Official Robin Strasser Website

Roger Howarth
Official Roger Howarth Fan Club

Newy's Roger Howarth Website

Remember Roger Howarth

Roger Howarth/Todd Manning Shrine

Fiona Hutchinson
Fiona Fest

Hillary B. Smith
Official Hillary B. Smith On Line Fan Club

Clint Ritche
Official Clint Ritche On Line Fan Club

Gina Tognoni
Gina Tognoni Website

Erin Torpey
Erin Torpey Website

David Fumero

David Fumero Online

Linda Dano
The Official Linda Dano Website

Andrea Evans
The Official Andrea Evans Website

Erika Slezak
Erika Slezak Homepage

Catherine Hickland
Catherine Hickland Website

Sincerely, Catherine...

Welcome To Lindsay's Page

Robin Christopher
Robin Christopher Online

Kamar de los Reyes NEW!!
Kamar de los Reyes Central

Kassie DePaiva NEW!!
Blair's Life to Live

The Official Kassie DePaiva Website

Ty Treadway:
The OFFICIAL Ty Treadway Homepage

The Unofficial Ty Treadway Homepage

Fan Fiction Related Sites

Todd & Tea Sites:
KP's TnT FF and TnT Discussion Messageboard

Mary's TnT Website

The Sun, the Moon, and Starr, a tribute to TnT and Starr!

Violet's TnT FanFiction Website

The Unforgettable Fire

Todd & Rebecca Sites:
Return to Mt. Joy: The Todd & Rebecca Fan Page

Todd Sites:
Todd Manning Fan Fiction Pages by Francie!

M B & P Fiction, Inc

Manning Madness

The Outlaw Torn: Todd Manning Legends

Todd's Secret Keep

Bo and Nora Sites
Bo and Nora's Fan Fiction Website

RoHo Sites:
RoHo's FABBO Page!!

The Fabulous Gannon Brothers
The Fabulous Gannon Brothers

Antonio and Andy's Tribute Page!
Angel Square

Other OLTL Sites

ZazAngels - Michael Zazlow's Site for ALS

Nudgie's Music

Magnificantly Malonian
A site dedicated to Michael Malone, OLTL Headwriter from 92-96.


The Official Website of Marj Dusay