Cool Sophia Quotes

Special thanks to "Sophia Pellegrino" who has recently supplied the site with some fabulous Sophia Quotes!!

To M. Delphina: ”Can you get me a direct line to Kurt Cobain?”

To Ben: ”Watch my lips: So-fee-ah”

Sophia: "My problems with Kelly are light-years ago. These days, neither of us want Joe."

Sophia: (To a pregnant Jessica) "Nice dress. Who knocked ya up?"

Sophia: (To Joey, when he breaks her heart) "Yeah, right. Real nice knowing ya, society boy. Have a great life. Oh, and, uh, try not to choke on that silver spoon."

Sophia: (Dorian tries to convince Sophia that she's innocent) "Oh yeah, and I saw Elvis at the grocery store."

Sophia: (Roseanne asks Sophia to stay with her) "What? Like a sleepover? Bring my jammies?"

Sophia: (Roseanne asks Sophia if the air-conditioner in her room worked) "Babe, I've got a window that opens. And in my building, that's a major concession."

Sophia: (About her room at the shelter) "It's so awful- it's just a room in a boarding place...and my landlady is evil."

Sophia: (Sophia had said that Bo and Lindsay's wedding was her fantasy wedding. Later, however, it was ruined.) "You know that thing I said about this being my fantasy wedding? Scratch that!"

Sophia: (Sophia wants to eat some of their wedding cake, after the wedding was ruined.) "It's not like she can save it and use it for another wedding!"

Sophia: "What's up, buttercup?"

Sophia: (To Dorian, about Viki's mansion) "That is one sweet looking mansion. Makes your place look like a garage!"

Sophia: (About a grumpy Ben) "Geesh, you're in a delightful mood, today!"

Sophia: (Bored by a shoot-out) "Some shoot-out. No bullets, no blood... BOR-ing!"

Sophia: (About Ben's girlfriend, Viki) "She really rang his little bell."

Roseanne: "Being a martyr isn't going to get you Antonio, Sophia."
Sophia: "Yeah?"
Roseanne: "Yeah."
Sophia: "Well, being a b!t!h isn't going to keep him."